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“NEON GODS” - The heroes we worship are not the ones saving us. "Neon Gods" to their adoring public, ARC ATHENA is the super powered team that the world is desperate for. Curated by the global tech and entertainment giant known as ARC, each member represents the most aspirational hero that public polling data can provide. Athena's roster consists of characters whose powers are bombastically perfect for their obsessed audience but yield very low stopping force- everything is for "The Show". On the other side of the coin is ARC POSEIDON, the dark secret no one wants to believe exists. They are the lethal ARC mechanism used to extinguish threats so that the world can sleep soundly in their beds. The team operates behind the scenes with brutal force and without fanfare. Each member of the team has impressive power sets, abilities and technology that makes them equipped to combat larger-than-life villains and events.
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The Last Day of Rain
Carol was born in a cloudless London. She dreams of seeing rain falling from the sky one day. But will she ever? Come find out!
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Slice of Life [GL]
When gritty anime protagonist, Lady Vengeance, is brought to the real world, she'll learn there's more to life than darkness and revenge...and she'll find love with a kind-hearted cheerleader.
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By Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Fan favorite writer Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane, Marvel Knights) and superstar artist Scott Hampton (Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Black Widow, GI Zombie) are collaborating on an all-new, fully-painted original graphic graphic novel titled RAGE. In this action packed thriller, one man embarks on a cross country journey to find his daughter in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe.